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Canoes Plus Racing Team has been a significant part of the Victorian and Australian kayak and canoe competition scene for a quarter of a century.

During that time, it has unquestionably been the “top” slalom club in Australia; CPRT have supported the sport through a variety of means, including direct support and sponsorship of athletes, sponsorship of events and arranging competitions, training and training camps.

CPRT has also been heavily involved in other forms of paddlesports, such as Canoe Polo, Dragon Boat racing, Raft racing, Freestyle kayaking and recreational paddling. CPRT has projected a non-political, easy-to-join, minimum fuss, relaxed atmosphere, and will continue to carry this into the future.  We also impress our members with the added benefits of social outings, and not having to fund-raise. 


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I successfully built a homemade paddle ergometer after having been shocked by the price of new ones. You can see video of it in action at, that gives you a good idea of how it works. For those that want step by step instructions, you will also have the option of buying detailed plans for $9 Cdn. ($7 U.S.). It’s a great way to own a very functional and affordable piece of training equipment. Being out on the water is always best, but an erg can help with conditioning and technique on the days you can't get out. ... See MoreSee Less

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Canoes Plus Racing Team shared David Wolfe's Who Needs Water When You Can Raft On Snow?. ... See MoreSee Less

Who Needs Water When You Can Raft On Snow?

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